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RH Ladder Features:

The Green Choice

The ladder is capable of being set up and run on nothing but a battery pack and land (or engine) based charging system. This can save fuel, money, and comply with anti-idle laws.

RH maintenance

Low Maintenance

The ladder design allows all the parts to be easily accessed, replaced and serviced, saving you in time and money.


RH Ladders are designed to keep working long after your truck stops. You can transfer your ladder to a new chassis and save in the long run.

Storage Space

Typical boom type aerial devices have large pedestals that clutter a truck deck, an RH ladder have an open frame to allow storage or interior bins to be placed.

RH frame

Hydraulic Levelling

All ladders come with hydraulic levelling for optimal safety and control. Manual controls also allow for the bucket to be tilted for cleaning purposes.

High Quality Finish

RH Ladders are made to last and to look good while lasting. The aluminum is painted and clear coated to give an ultra tough finish while most of the steel brackets are plated to prevent corrosion.

RH paint

Emergency Operations

The ladder design allows for the operator to descend at any time but emergency pump options are available as well.

Lifting Ring

A lifting ring capable of lifting 550lbs is installed on the main ladder section for your equipment handling needs.

RH lifting ring