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Below you can find an image gallery of some of the units we have built with RH Ladders.
407ETR front
An RH38 on a custom Wilcox aluminum body
407ETR rear
Rear view of the RH38 on the custom Wilcox body

Above is a video showing an RH41 Ladder mounted on a pick up with a Spacecab body, it is undergoing some operational testing along with a stability test. This spacecab body is specially designed to support the RH Ladder frame and boom rest.
Rogers 2009
This is an RH38D mounted on a E-450 chassis with an all aluminum Wilcox custom body.
An RH50D on a cabover truck with a cube van style body
Rogers Van
An RH38D mounted on a E-350 cargo van is an affordable solution
An RH35 mounted to a Wilcox custom all aluminum body with the structural frame integrated into the body design
Rogers 2009 rear
A rear view of the RH38D mounted on the E-450
An RH50D ladder mounted on a F-550 with a cube van body and full top platform. It has manual outrigger for stability.
An RH35 ladder mounted on a F-350 and covered service body
An RH44D mounted on a International 4700, no outriggers required.
An RH35 mounted on different F-350 with covered service body
Rogers F550
An RH38D mounted on a F-450 and service body.