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UTEM Aerial Device Features:

Non-lube bushings
Modern non-lube bushings last longer than bronze bushings, since they require no lubrication it can save you a lot in preventative maintenance costs.

540° Rotation
All UTEM models have a 540° rotation operation as a standard feature. This allows the operator to have a greater work area without having to set up the truck multiple times. Continuous rotation is available as an option.

Low Maintenance
UTEM aerial devices are a proven reliable design that requires little maintenance.

400lb Bucket Capacity
UTEM models are capable of up to 400 pounds in bucket capacity (Depending on stability.) This allows you to have all the equipment and tools your operator requires.

Cost Effective and Energy Efficient
UTEM booms are capable of being mounted on smaller chassis' than many other aerial devices. This leads to lower truck maintenance, fuel savings and a overall reduction in equipment costs.

Adjustable Wear Pads
Often wear pads require complete boom disassembly to replace or adjust. Many UTEM booms have externally adjustable wear pads for the best in safety and reduced downtime.

Feathering Hydraulic Controls
Hydraulic controls are able to be feathered giving operators the best control over the boom possible. This can also lead to reduced maintenance as operators can reduce damage caused to the bucket.

Hydraulic Levelling
Hydraulic Levelling is standard on all UTEM booms. Hydraulic Levelling is a safer and more user friendly than cheaper manual systems.

Zinc Coated Plating
Many plate assemblies have been zinc coated to maximize corrosion resistance while improving appearance.

Up and Over
Many models feature a second boom which allows the operator to bring themselves up and over traffic, maximizing safety.