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UTEM Aerial Device Options:

Insulated Fibreglass
All models have the option to have insulating fibreglass boom, further options include a lower boom insert or chassis isolation system.

Multiple Control Styles
Depending on operator preferences you can choose between full pressure hydraulic controls, single-stick controls, or radio remote controls.

Hydraulic tool outlets are available on all models, electrical outlets can be installed on non-insulated models.

Power Options
Aerial devices can be run off of a PTO and pump, clutch pump or battery power pack; giving you choices when anti-idle laws apply.

Bucket Rotation
Both hydraulic and manual bucket rotator options are available for allowing the operator to position themselves better.

Lifting Ring
A lifting ring capable of lifting 1000lbs can be installed on the steel outer boom for your equipment handling needs.

Continuous Rotation
A hydraulic swivel can be installed to allow the boom rotation to rotate continuously without mechanical stops.

Bucket Accessories
A bucket liner, scuff pad or tool tray can be added to any UTEM bucket. Even a opening or door can be install for easy access.

While a standard aerial device is painted white options exist to colour match the boom paint job to your chassis.

Emergency Operations
All booms can be equipped with an emergency power source or gravity down system in case of an emergency.