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Mechanical and Structural Inspections

Reasons to choose Rocwin

The staff at Rocwin are experts in their field, they know what to look for on the different models of aerial devices and cranes from experience. Don't risk your security on someone who isn't properly trained! Rocwin is also very price competitive and we specialize in working to fit your schedule best, minimizing downtime.

Since equipment operators rarely inspect their equipment properly these inspections are vital for maintaining a safe work environment. Regular annual inspections can also help you to stabilize costs and forecast larger expenses or prepare for needed downtime. More often then not you can preemptively repair small problems before they become large and costly.

Rocwin is ISO9001:2008 accredited in our inspection process, we strive to improve our process and service.

The Law and Requirements

For Elevated Work Platforms

Inspections on vehicle mounted aerial devices (and elevated work platforms in general) are required by law, viewable under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. O. Reg 213/91 s.144. The regulation references CSA C225-M88 (some other provinces use C225-M00) as the applicable standard that all vehicle mounted aerial devices must follow. In the case of other elevated work platform types there are three other standards depending on the specific style you have. Both the regulations and CSA standard have a long list of requirements and further references that must be complied with, which is why we are here to help. Inspections are required at a minimum of once per year.

For Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes have many similar requirements to aerial devices. The Occupational Health and Safety Act O. Reg 213/9 s.151 references CSA Z150-1974 for mobile cranes. They also need to have an inspection at a minimum of once per year, but these must be done under the supervision of an engineer.