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Service and Maintenance

Our bread and butter has always been our service work on aerial devices. Below are just some of the services we offer, please give us a call if you'd like more information.

hydraulic servicefibreglass paintingCustom solutions
One of the most common problems with aerial devices is the hydraulics. Problems can occur from physical damage, old age to lack of maintenace in anything from a simple to hose to cylinder and valves. Rocwin carries stock in a large number of parts to help minimize any downtime.Maintaining a good looking fleet is important for your company image, but keeping your fibreglass in the same condition has some additional challenges. Rocwin specializes in making any condition fibreglass look brand new again. Paint and fibreglass work is not only important for images but it is also vital to keeping the electrical insulation rating of your booms.

We understand that everyone has their own way of working, and their own contracts to fulfill, so why struggle with a standard feature that doesn't work all that well. Tell us your needs and we can work with you to find a solution.
rechassis serviceelectric diagnosistesting services
A quality aerial device can last a long time, unfortunately a lot longer than the trucks they are mounted to. Rocwin can take your old boom off your dying truck and install it onto your new truck at a fraction of the cost of a new aerial device.Electrical problems are more and more common on aerial devices, caused by anything from component failure to a poor installation. We are experts at tracking down electric problems and getting things working right.

Our testing services are often blended in with service work to attempt to minimize your downtime. Inspections and dielectric tests are routine annual tests that we can take care of in our shop.
free estimatesService callsScheduled maintenace
Maintaining a budget is important these days, if you have concerns over problems with your aerial device or crane let us give you an no-cost estimate to repair it so you can plan your expenses.It never happens at a good time, but hoses do burst, and electrical wires brake or short out when you are up in the bucket. If you need help with getting the boom down give us a call and we'll be over as soon as possible to help you out.Rocwin can set up appointments and perform schedules maintaince on your aerial device. Annual testing and preventative maintenance are vital to meeting legal requirements and keeping workers safe, we'll give you a call when your truck is due to remind you.